At Birdvision, we are fortunate to interact with some of the best marketing minds from Indian industry. One thing that has stood out from all these conversations is that "Marketing is more of a science rather than art". As science is all about facts, milestones and objectivity, so is marketing.

Birdvision is constantly making efforts in bringing objectivity to marketing campaigns. Prosumer is a result of sustained efforts in that direction. Prosumer helps marketing managers in executing consumer campaigns that are data centric, measurable and deliver pre-defined experiences to customers.

Key Challenges of a Marketing Manager Addressed by Prosumer

1.  Collect data of anonymous customers
2.  Create more opportunities (touch points) for customer interactions
3.  Deliver a curated experience to customers during the campaigns
4.  Do data visualization using dashboards to stay on top of the campaigns
5.  Spend less time on trivial things like sourcing& delivery of rewards
6.  Share insightful reports around campaigns internally in limited available time

What is Prosumer..?

It is a marketing automation platform for improving RoI of marketing campaigns aimed at consumers. It facilitates automated execution of simple and complex marketing campaigns. It also makes these campaigns measurable by collecting data points that never existed before.

Some immediate and visible benefits of using prosumer for marketing campaigns

1.  Reduction of manual efforts
2.  Increase in touch points for engagement
3.  Creation of large databank of customers
4.  Wonderful experience to customers across channels (offline & online)
5.  Measurability of success on pre-defined parameters
6.  Faster turnaround time for campaigns
7.  Insights into consumer behaviour

What Do We Offer..?

1. Consulting

We provide consultation in following areas for improving consumer campaigns
- Identification of touch points for engagement and experience design around
  these touch points
- Recommendation of the best available technology for execution of campaigns
- Gamification of campaigns for increased participation from customers
- Best suited and available digital and physical rewards for the audience

2. Technology

We do it for you
- Development,
- Deployment, and
- Management of technology for the campaigns

3. Customer support

Around the clock (except Sundays & Holidays) customer support for
a. Campaign information (pre, post and during the campaigns)
b. Resolution of grievances & complaints

4. Reward sourcing & fulfilment

One of the largest eco-system for
- Digital and
- Physical rewards

Prosumer as a Full Service or a SaaS solution

As a Service As a Platform
Program Execution BVC will execute using its software Client will execute using BVC's software
Scheme creation & management BVC Client
Admin creations BVC Client
Catalogue creation & Management BVC Client
Participant database Management BVC Client
Communication (Email & SMS) Automated / BVC Automated / Client
Winner list publishing Automated Automated
Processing of documents &
validating eligibility of winners as per T&C
BVC Client
Addressing participant’s grievances BVC Client
Sourcing and dispatch of gifts selected BVC Client
Scheme closure BVC & Client BVC & Client
Reports & analysis BVC BVC & Client

Case Studies

Case Study 1
Market leader in Anti-virus business Improves RoI of its Contests by increasing engagement opportunities (touch points) and improving experience for its customers during all interactions. Know More