The company is a well-established provider of IT security solutions in retail and enterprise segment. The brand was declared as Top Trademark Driven company (Small & Medium Enterprise) by CII Industrial Intellectual Property Awards and Best Make in India Brand by 14th VARINDIA IT Forum in 2016. Company was also awarded the Best Antivirus and 9th NCN Most Innovative Product of the Year Award in 2016.


The company has been running consumer campaigns for creating excitement and engagement around its brand for couple of years.
The objective has been to create a greater brand recall and awareness about its latest products.
      - In the earlier avatar, these contests provided limited opportunities for the company to connect with their customers.
      - The manual intervention needed for the campaigns created lot of pressure on marketing resources and
        led marketing team to focus on execution rather than the desired outcome.
      - The customers also had to wait for long time to claim their prizes leading to overall less satisfaction.

Our Solution

Birdvision Consulting deployed its engagement platform to automate the process.
      - Once the Customers register for the contest, the entire process is handled by Birdvision's proprietary software.
      - It allows the company to create more engagement milestones within the campaign.
      - Manual interventions get reduced to minimal.
      - The marketing resources are better aligned with the campaign success metrics.

Process Flow of automation used

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      - Customer interactions during campaign increased by 3-fold.
      - Manual efforts reduced by upto 40%.
      - Campaign participation increased by 15%.
      - Winners microsite garnered more than 30,000 unique visitors.
      - Gift distribution time reduced from 60 days to 15 days.