Incentive modeling uses various methods for varied audiences to design and set up an effective and enticing structure that ensures continued interest and engagement. This ranges from using various service supplies to plugins to many third party services. BVC Rewards is able to create native catalogs for every client, multiple programs for the same client and also give different options to each club and/or tier.

BVC Rewards can also use the BVC Redemption Hub which uses various Fulfillment techniques and suppliers. With this in place, BVC is unique positioned to cater to every kind of industry.

Our empanelled MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are able to provide all types of non-technical support (Program design, catalog selection, printing, call centre, fulfillment, etc.) to have every nut and bolt in place for a successful program implementation.


Physical rewards
Multi-level catalog
Vouchers from leading brands
Digital wallet
Pre-paid Reloadable card
Mobile Money


Streamline your entire rewards fulfillment strategy. Create unique and aspirational catalogues. Reduce Turn around times…

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How do I reward customers who are not Net savvy? How can I reach and reward participants using mobile money?

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