This module creates engagement and experience workflows depending on the unique needs of the client. The BVC CEM platform is extremely flexible and powerful; it can hypothetically speaking create unique journeys for each participant/customer within each workflow. Use it to give personalized targeted offers and ads to customers. Allow game mechanics to create genuinely engaged environments. Try out age old loyalty points to drive repeat business in newer and innovative manner….We use BVC Engage to keep customers engaged, loyal and happy & drive brand advocacy.

Sub-modules within BVC Engage include Targeted Offers, Gamification, Loyalty Engine along with Communication Manager, Campaign Manager, Offer Manager and Uplift Manager.


Achievement and progress path
Feedback Competition (Leader boards)
Social connect
Virtual Rewards (Badges)


Create a gamified workflow to show achievements & leaderboard and drive engagement among existing salesforce?

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Use Loyalty points and create tiers and clubs for different audiences within the same organization. Use points redemption to drive create more loyalty.

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