BVC Connect uses multi-channel approach to identify a customer by using one of her PIIs (Personally Identifiable Information). A tagging mechanism (with Unique code generator, RFID, etc.) is used wherever product/service consumption artifacts have to be directly linked for incentive modeling or otherwise to the Personally Identifiable Information. Non-tagging mechanisms are used via On Behalf Of performance scorecard or interaction scorecard in other scenarios to link to PIIs.

This methodology is intertwined with effective communication channels such as SMS, emails, QR codes, mobile apps, etc. to ensure a “frictionless enrolment” experience.


Data Upload
SSO Via API Integration
One-way SMS
OTC via On Behalf Of (Web & Mobile)
Missed call
QR code
Mail in Rebate
Mobile App


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Want to connect to a legacy system? Drop in and extract data from another system?

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