Data is today the most important asset for any organization especially if it is real time and authentic. Birdvision realizes that the key to realizing the value of this asset is the ability to view and interact with this data to gain relevant information and knowledge.

We help organizations in various kind of Analytics solution such as:

  • Statistical analysis and modeling services using company / transaction level data
  • EDA, CDA and predictive analysis to find new business opportunities
  • Customer analytics
  • Forecasting tool for sales and operations planning based on real-time data inputs from field

Data analysis gives a lot of insight for businesses provided that the quality, maturity and completeness of the data are validated properly. It involves extracting, inspecting, organizing data to highlight important information that support a decision process.

Our data analysis practice is built mainly around our expertise of queries in various database and data warehouse technologies, BI tools and the Business Analysis experience enabling analysis in multiple ways. Our processes involve Data Profiling, Data Quality & Audit, Data Reconciliation, Metadata and Lineage Analysis and working with business analysts in providing data insights to business questions.



Behavioral Analytics
Extensive work shops with Technology and Business groups
Trend Identification
Interactivity and UI design
Dashboards & Graphs
Content delivery
Design for semantic metadata layer
Design for content – Query, OLAP, Reporting